Tim Surrey | Full feature film sound equipment



I have a full drama sound kit including different microphones for every situation, intelligent timecode equipment to enable easy syncing and logging with picture in post and comms for director, script and agency to listen. Below is a reduced list of equipment.


Mixers and Recorders

-Sound Devices 688 with CL12

-Sound devices 633


Radio Microphones

-8x Letrosonics digital hybrid radio mic system with octopack

-10x DPA4071

-5x DPA4061



Schoeps SuperCmit Digital mic

-2x Schoeps CCM MK41

-2x Sennheiser  MKH60

-2x Sanken CUB01


Agency Comms

– 20 sennheiser iems


-Timecode Systems Wave + USO +Smart  Slate



– Sound carpets and blankets

– Speakers large and small

-Sound carts

-Boom Poles large and small